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  • Millimeter marked for quick and easy method for depth measurements.
  • All points are laser inspected to ensure the tightest tolerances surpassing ISO standards.
  • Calcium Hydroxide for temporary root canal treatment.
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  • Cordless warm vertical compaction device and backfill obturation device.
  • Dia-Pen offers the most effective technique for the downpack obturation system
  • Dia-Gun offers fast and easy obturation delivery for effective and reliable filling
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  • Excellent tensile strength, low shrinkage and high radiopaque
  • Remarkable color stability and superior quality of esthetics
  • Etch, desensitize, prime and bond all with one-bottle (Dia-Plus G7)
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  • High intensity (1,600mW/cm2) offers extreme short curing times of no more than 5 sec.
  • Cordless, highly portable and lightweight (only 155g)
  • 5 versatile curing modes for every indications
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  • Superior cutting efficiency, flexibility and convenience for shaping root canal
  • Various size, length and materials (Stainless steel, Nickel-Titanium alloy)
  • Special design for the crown-down technique (Engine driven file, Helix)
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  • Various versatile endo gauges and aluminum endo storage boxes
  • Irrigation syringe for root canal with flexible soft polypropylene tip
  • Autoclavable and can be reused safely
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  • Accurate measurement in any canal condition
  • Simple & Easy to use
  • Large screen and longer battery life
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  • Protective shields and glasses protect face and eyes from flying debris of substances
  • Various sterilizing containers and trays help easy and safe sterilization
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  • Scaling and polishing brush with various type and shape
  • Various types of prophy cups
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  • Hold specific bur and autoclavable with block
  • Ideal storage and sterilization for dental Burs
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  • Ideal for instrument storage and sterilization
  • Small item organizer and sterilization
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  • Ni-Ti arch wires last up to 5 times more than stainless steel and easy to arrange.
  • Glass items, Dental waxes and etc.
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