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Cosmetic & Restorative

  • Excellent tensile strength, low shrinkage and high radiopaque
  • Remarkable color stability and superior quality of esthetic
  • Etch, desensitize, prime and bond all with one-bottle (Dia-Plus G7)
  • DiaFil (A Light Cure, Esthetic Restorative Micro Hybrid Composite Resin)

    - Unique fillers offer minimum polymerization shrinkage which helps reduce stress
    and sensitivity on the tooth potentially
    - Has excellent fracture toughness, high tensile, compressive strengths for long lasting results
    - Very easy handling of acceptable viscosity and good marginal adaptation
    - Remarkable color stability and superior quality of esthetics
    - High Level of radiopacity

  • DiaFil flow (Light Cured Flowable Restorative Composite Resin)

    - Has a high level of fluoride release with no slump,
    run which helps a fast techniques and handling.
    - Enables to be used in various restorative procedures
    : Class lll, V and IV direct restorations
    A liner for Class I, II
    Pit & Fissure sealant where is required
    Well suited for minimally invasive dentistry
    - Excellent tensile strength and low shrinkage
    - High radiopaque materials

  • Diaplus (Single Component Bondig Agent)

    - High dentin, enamel bond strength performance
    - Available in all classes of direct composite restoration
    - Indirect restorations of Porcelain, Amalgam or Composite Repair
    after light curing with a minimal film thickness
    - Ethanol-based bonding agent enables to maintain
    its exceptional bond strength

  • Diaplus G7 (Single Component Self-Etching Light-cured Bonding Agent)

    - Dia-Plus G7, the innovative 7th Generation bonding agent and offers superior and consistent bonding results on dentin and enamel with one bottle, one coat self-etching bonding agent system.

  • Disposable Brushes

    - Flexible adhesive tip allows restorations and small objects of all kind to be picked up, held, carried and placed quickly and easily
    - These brushes are included DiaPlus G7’s Regular Package

  • DiaSeal (A Light Cure Pit & Fissure Sealant)

    - UDMA series monomer and Nano-filler offers high flowability,
    excellent wear resistance and strength
    - Optimal viscosity to flow easily and helps for easy application
    - Ensures hygienic and easy delivery and outstanding versatility
    - High visual verification during application

  • Dia-Etch 37% (A 37% Etching Gel Phosphoric Acid)

    - Phosphoric acid etching of enamel and dentin with ideal thickness
    - Quick and effective application to the desired place
    - Enables to rinse completely and easily from the tooth surface
    - High biocompatibility

  • Dia-Temp (A Visible, Light Cured Temporary Filling Material)

    - Quick and simple removal: Can be removed in one piece
    - High wear resistance, mechanical strength
    - Ensures a fast set
    - Excellent adhesion
    - Easy application: Convenient syringe dispensed material does not required mixing
    - Blue Dia-Temp is ideal for Posterior teeth
    - Yellow Dia-Temp is ideal for Anterior teeth
    - Blue / Yellow

  • DiaFil Core Automix

    - Comfortable dispenser: Automix syringes deliver a correct and consistent mix on every use
    - Easy and precise application with Automix and Intraoral tips
    - Dual curing: Light cure for 40 seconds or Chemical cure within 4 minutes
    - High compressive strength composite resin and long-term durability
    - Cuts and wears like dentin
    - Superior bond strength with DiaPlus
    - Available 2 colors : Natural color(A3 shade) for the optimal esthetic results and Blue color

    and consistentand Blue
    -mix on every -