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EvoFill Duo (Cordless obturation System)

Root Canal Obturation > EvoFill Duo (Cordless obturation System)

  • Cordless warm vertical compaction device and backfill obturation device.
  • Dia-Pen offers the most effective technique for the downpack obturation system
  • Dia-Gun offers fast and easy obturation delivery for effective and reliable filling
  • EvoFill Duo (Cordless Obturation System)

    EvoPack Vertical Compaction Device FEATURES:
    - Innovative LED light-guided condenser
    - Save time with instant heating
    - Tightly seals all canals including lateral canals
    - Adjustable temperature setting and time
    - Simple one-button operation

    EvoFill Backfill Obturation System FEATURES:
    - Controlled, precise motorized gutta percha extrusion
    - Fast heating bendable thin tip
    - 3 different temperature settings to control extrusion speed
    (160℃, 180℃, 200℃)
    - Hygienic single use fast loading gutta percha cartridge
    - No mess, easy clean up