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Bonding Agent

Cosmetic & Restorative > Bonding Agent

  • Excellent tensile strength, low shrinkage and high radiopaque
  • Remarkable color stability and superior quality of esthetic
  • Etch, desensitize, prime and bond all with one-bottle (Dia-Plus G7)
  • Diaplus (Single Component Bondig Agent)

    - High dentin, enamel bond strength performance
    - Available in all classes of direct composite restoration
    - Indirect restorations of Porcelain, Amalgam or Composite Repair
    after light curing with a minimal film thickness
    - Ethanol-based bonding agent enables to maintain
    its exceptional bond strength

  • Diaplus G7 (Single Component Self-Etching Light-cured Bonding Agent)

    - Dia-Plus G7, the innovative 7th Generation bonding agent and offers superior and consistent bonding results on dentin and enamel with one bottle, one coat self-etching bonding agent system.

  • Disposable Brushes

    - Flexible adhesive tip allows restorations and small objects of all kind to be picked up, held, carried and placed quickly and easily
    - These brushes are included DiaPlus G7’s Regular Package