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Flowable Restorative Composite Resin

Cosmetic & Restorative > Flowable Restorative Composite Resin

  • Excellent tensile strength, low shrinkage and high radiopaque
  • Remarkable color stability and superior quality of esthetic
  • Etch, desensitize, prime and bond all with one-bottle (Dia-Plus G7)
  • DiaFil flow (Light Cured Flowable Restorative Composite Resin)

    - Has a high level of fluoride release with no slump,
    run which helps a fast techniques and handling.
    - Enables to be used in various restorative procedures
    : Class lll, V and IV direct restorations
    A liner for Class I, II
    Pit & Fissure sealant where is required
    Well suited for minimally invasive dentistry
    - Excellent tensile strength and low shrinkage
    - High radiopaque materials