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Stainless Steel Hand Files

Endodontic Files > Stainless Steel Hand Files

  • Superior cutting efficiency, flexibility and convenience for shaping root canal
  • Various size, length and materials (Stainless steel, Nickel-Titanium alloy)
  • Special design for the crown-down technique (Engine driven file, Helix)
  • Stainless Steel Hand Files

    - Root canal cleaning and shaping instruments
    - Offers superior cutting efficiency on insertion and withdrawal and procession handling
    - Ergonomic color coded handle provides comfort and excellent tactile feedback
    - Available in sizes 8 through 80 and 21mm, 25mm & 31mm lengths

  • Barbed Broaches

    - Designed to remove pulp tissue
    - Put it straignt into the root canal, rotation at 180。 and pull out

  • Dia-Flex File(Flexible K-File)

    - Made of high-quality Stainless Steel for creating a more fracture-resistant shape and edge
    - Enables a complete preparation of even severely curved and narrow canals
    - Offers better Cutting Power and Flexibility to shape any root canals easily, safely and very fast
    - Available in Sizes 15 through 40 and 21mm, 25mm and 31mm lengths

  • Dia-Spiral Filler (Lentulo)

    - Lentulo Paste filler used to evenly distribute root canal sealer and cement in the root canal system
    - Conical shape made from grinded wire and made of high grade stainless steel with gradual spirals
    - Rather stiff without the safety spiral
    - Available in Sizes 25 to 40 and 21mm, 25mm lengths

  • Dia-Probe File (Canal Probe)

    - Canal Probe
    - The minimal taper helps to perform intermediate steps in the calcified or curved canals
    - Available in Size #12 and 21mm, 25mm lengths

  • Gate Drills

    - Used for time-saving preparation of the upper and middle part of noncurved canal or the straight part of curved canal effectively and creating the excellent
    access for Reamers and Files.
    - Enlarge the straight coronal portion of the canal with Gate Drills and then step down with Endodontic Files using the biggest size firstly as the Crown Down Technique.
    - Superior Stainless Steel with the improved cutting capacity.
    - Circle ring is coded on the shank.
    - Recommended Speed: 800~1200r/min